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I have been coming to this clinic now for over 2 years. I have a physically demanding profession and carry a lot of stress and muscle tension in my neck, shoulders and lower back. The care that Dr Edwards and his staff have provided for me have helped me enormously, aside from being very friendly and courteous they are very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend visiting this clinic for treatment.
Date of Posting: 05 May 2016
Posted By: Brian Mann
Such knowledge! My family and I count on Dr. Edwards for maintaining our health and trust him to help "fix" our sports injuries! He takes time at each appointment to make sure we are getting the best treatment. Don't put off taking care of yourself, his rates are amazing and his bedside manner is wonderful!
Date of Posting: 05 May 2016
Posted By: Stephanie Herrera
This office at 17 Brock St. W in Oshawa is very important in my life. Staff is very professional, polite and helpful. And Michael the massage expert really took good steps in getting rid of my neck pain.
No money grubbers here. I have been twice and still owe for both visits. They trust me and go overboard for all clients.
Would say to all patients, try them out. Insurance or cash.
They are honest, which to me is A-1.
Honesty plus knowledge plus required vehicles to use on patients puts them into top realm of their chosen fields.
Date of Posting: 23 April 2016
Posted By: Phillip Dawson
~ I had just found the Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre and Dr. Kristopher Edwards... sadly I am moving soon. I wish I could take this awesome little clinic with me. I was treated with the utmost respect and concern. The professionalism and customer QUALITY service they provide for their patients is impeccable and sincere. Not only did Dr. Edwards fix my problem, he also made a clear and precise letter to my employer at no cost. I highly recommend Dr Edwards and Dr. Riley's expertise for many of your wellness needs that this clean and friendly clinic has to offer. I thank you so very much and wish you the very best :)
Date of Posting: 11 March 2016
Posted By: Glenda Burns
I am extremely happy with the quality and comfort of my compression socks. It was easy as Dr. Edwards measured me for proper fit and placed the order for me. I was told if there was any concerns with my new compression socks that I was to inform staff. I also found them very easy to put on and to take off. And I found them to be cheaper compared to another reputable medical supply store in Oshawa
Date of Posting: 30 November 2015
Posted By: L O
I've seen numerous chiropractors and physiotherapists for a neck injury (back in 08) and a torn rotator cuff (July 2014) and nothing worked, until I went here. Within 2 weeks I could move my arm and my neck! I honestly cant thank them enough both their Chiro staff (Dr. Riley/Dr Edwards) and Massage staff (Nicole) are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date of Posting: 23 September 2015
Posted By: Steven O
Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre with Dr. Kristopher Edwards are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They provide thorough and proper chiropractic care for all individuals and certainly deserve a recommendation for anyone seeking a new chiropractor. In addition, for those in need of orthodics for various foot issues, Dr Edwards provides high quality orthodics that aid in the realignment of your feet and subsequent ones back. An all around great family-owned business.
Date of Posting: 23 September 2015
Posted By: Shawn Archer
Dr. Edwards is very helpful and understanding. After my first visit I started to feel much better. When I have an issue or hurt myself I tell him and he fixes it. Great atmosphere and always on time.
Date of Posting: 31 August 2015
Posted By: Jesse Jacobs
I have been so very happy with my experiences with this practice!! I came to them very scared and nervous about Chiropractics as a whole, they were very kind and patient, taking the time to explain things to me, which put me completely at ease. I had been experiencing neck pain so severe it was interfering with sleeping and work. Within one treatment, the relief was immense. Over a few treatments, this improved even more. I am so glad I decided to check them out, and would recommend anyone considering chiropractics to definitely come talk to them!
Date of Posting: 22 May 2015
Posted By: Elyse Crawford
I'm 57 yrs old and been retired 5 yrs.damaged my elbow to the tricep which i thought would be a 2 week fix,middle of sept arm locks up for 4 weeks,see doctor then specialist total of 8 weeks,he says 8 more weeks to go,now were late nov,i dedcide to see dr. chris,they said 8 he had my arm going in 4 weeks,very good at what he does,end of jan arm moving about 95% now,working out 4 times a week,thanks again
Date of Posting: 30 January 2015
Posted By: John Morrison

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